I ordered a 10 year Maintenance Plan on Wednesday and (optimistically) asked whether the Plan can be provided tomorrow as an urgent request. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive the completed Reserve Fund Plan in about 6 hours with 129 colour inspection photos. I am highly impressed with Reserve Fund Plans and recommend their services to you.

Jenny Chudleigh - Local Strata Services Metro

I have been using Reserve Fund Plans since November 2018 and I have found Wal and his team to be approachable, knowledgeable and they go out of their way to assist you. I recommend Reserve Fund Plans to you.

Jocelyn Shanks Competent Strata

Since mid 2019 I have had Reserve fund Plans prepare the 10 year plan for over 30 properties, and clearly I am very happy with the service that I get from them. Their price is very competitive and their reports are of a very high quality.

Kim Dawes Summit Realty Waikiki

We received the 10 Year Reserve Fund Plan after recommendation from our Strata Manager. The plan was easy to read and as some owners wanted to know whether it would be advantageous to change some years and some amounts, I spoke to Wal from Reserve Fund Plans and he was very informative and provided the answers to convey to the other owners at the upcoming AGM. I highly recommend their services to you.

Amy French - Chairperson - Council of Owners

Very impressed with the quick turnaround with no hassles. The Report was very easy to read and to understand, which makes my life easier when presenting it to my clients. Wal is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. Highly recommended.

Wayne Reynolds - Reynolds Strata Services

From early 2019, I have instructed Reserve Fund Plans to carry out our 10 year Plans for our portfolio and they have been very easy to work with. The Reports are returned in a few days, and I rarely have any queries back from my owners as the Reserve Fund Plans are easy for my owners to understand.

Gordon Barclay Platinum Strata Management

I have ordered a lot of 10 year plans since early 2019 and I particularly like the format of their Report and the fact tat they provide a breakup of the contributions for each lot in the scheme according to the unit entitlements. This makes it easy for me to use this data into the budgeting forecasts that I need to carry out. I highly recommend their services.

Ronnie-Anne Paterson Westralian Strata Services

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